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Our QHSE Policy

At binhilal we spend an immense amount of time, effort and energy in defining or even re-defining ourselves to foster our people and community and build a healthy and secure life. Hence, in turn providing our customers with the best in class quality in services and our products.

Quality Processes

In todays day and age, and our contemporary lifestyles with access to such such vast infrastructure development our lives are intertwined with complexity that adds to our challenges hence a goal to ensure safety. Even though we are in a constant ‘rat race’ with assuring safety to our customer base, we yet need to conduct our due diligence and ensure high quality products and ‘ease’ for all. Our products are symbolic of superiority, excellence and eminence as we understand our services have a direct impact on a reputable stance. To ensure that our customers have utmost confidence on us all our products carry relevant quality standard accreditation and are produced as per international standards set by NFPA. To deliver the quality products we require best in class and cutting edge production units, Binhilal GROUP’s production facilities across the middle east constantly undergo quality audits and inspections to make sure all our production units are at par with global standards and meet stringent requirements to produce accredited and certified fire fighting and health safety products. All our products undergo rigorous testing and procedures before delivery, as we guarantee this parameter can escalate or deteriorate our business.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance, in all our business dimensions and relationships.


Good quality service and products ensure customer recommendation and escalates our profits to a certain extent.


Our aim is to be the best in the industry, which is only achieved through building a reputation of certified high-end products that exceed the benchmark of customer requirements. At Binhilal GROUP, we conducts efficient measures to ensure our standards are above the benchmark. Testimonials, and referrals by our customers provide us with the encouragement to deliver only the best.

Health & Safety Regulations

At Binhilal Group, health and safety regulations are given utmost importance as other aspects of the business. Our fundamental principle lies solely in the wellbeing of our consumers, and we must provide individuals with what they truly deserve!

Being in the fire and safety industry exposes our staff to immense health & safety risks; our employees primarily work in factories where they are exposed to heavy loads, machinery and electrical units. Most accidents at workplaces today are caused due to the lack of prevention and preventive measures. At Binhilal GROUP, we follow the terms “Safety First” and the motto “Prevention is better than cure”.

Binhilal GROUP follows some simple yet essential steps for health and safety

Health and Safety systems

We have devised health and safety systems and processes to plan, organize, control, monitor, and review to conduct preventive measures seamlessly.

Hazard and Risk Identification

We ensure that risks and hazards are identified from every aspect of the company function, which facilitates understanding and implementing prevention measures.

Control Measures

We ensure that all our preventive measures are above  adequacy level and that they are checked and maintained at regular intervals. Our people are provided with all the necessary safety equipment and gear for all our manufacturing staff. We have a strict policy for all our visitors and employees to wear the essential safety gear and equipment. Thus, while visiting our factories and other accident or high-risk areas.

Hazardous Impacts on our Environment

The Fire and Safety industry has a considerable impact on our environment. One significant consequence is caused by the materials utilized in manufacturing. We need to ensure our products are durable for a substantial period of time to make use of bridgeable materials difficult, which leaves carbon footprints. The second major challenge faced is ozone depletion caused by the use of suppressing agents.

At Binhilal GROUP, we understand these bearings to our environment and ecological system, and we maximize the use of eco-friendly materials as much as possible to reduce carbon footprint. Thus, through incorporating technology and well-versed research, we have been able to provide  suppression agents that are eco-friendly and not harmful to the people around us.

Providing fire safety products and services also indirectly contributes towards saving the environment. Apart from the financial impact, fire hazards can have an adverse impact on our environment and the ecological system.

For example:

Air Contamination

During a fire, there are all sorts of materials and substances that burn, causing toxic fume releases that are significantly dangerous.

Contamination of nearby water source

During the efforts of fighting a fire, there is water used in most cases, and most of this water is absorbed into the ground along with potentially toxic substances, which can further pollute nearby water sources, causing a chain reaction.

Other hazardous discharge

During a fire, or even after the hazardous event, the burnt material that requires cleaning contains a discharge of some dangerous and potentially toxic fumes and dust, which further threaten the ecological system.

Binhilal GROUP makes an effort to ensure maximum safety with all perilous acts and eliminates the risks beforehand, undertaking efficient preventive measures.

Our commitment towards our community, environment and ecological system also remains a priority at all times. It is depicted through our acts and the implementation of rigorous processes for the wellbeing of all.